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5 Reasons to Book Wedding Childcare

As the trend of destination weddings across the Devon and Cornwall continues to increase, and with outdoor weddings becoming more popular, the need for wedding childcare is increasing day by day.

Many couples want their guests to be able to fully enjoy themselves at the wedding without the worry of their children. From babies to school-age children, wedding childcare is a necessity, which is often overlooked.

Our Seaside Nannies provide a comfortable environment for children where they can be well taken care of while the guests enjoy the wedding. Our experienced nannies can engage kids in activities throughout the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, through to babysitting in the evening.

Here are five reasons to provide wedding childcare:

1. Keep Your Guests Happy: Parents with young children constantly worry about the safety of their children, whether they are at home, nursery, or attending a wedding. Offering childcare services at a wedding ensures parents that their children are safe, happy and taken care of, allowing them to enjoy the wedding stress free. We regularly receive feedback from guests saying how much they have enjoyed the wedding knowing their children were taken care of.

2. Make Your Wedding Memorable for Kids: Imagine your five-year-old niece being your flower girl or your nephew being your ring bearer; how exciting would that be for them? However, keeping children engaged during the entire function might not be easy for parents. Wedding childcare services can occupy the little ones with fun activities, leaving your young guests with the memories of a great day.

3. Flexibility: Childcare services can be arranged for the entire event or just during some of the reception time depending on the couple's preference.

4. Stress-Free Wedding Planning: Organizing, coordinating and entertaining children at a wedding could be stressful for the couple or their families. Hiring a professional wedding childcare service can take care of all necessary arrangements, so the couple can focus on other aspects of the wedding.

5. The Lasting Impression: A wedding is not just about the couple, but also their guests that attend their special day. When the couple offers childcare services, they make an impression of being thoughtful, caring and family-oriented, thus, creating the everlasting memory in their guests mind.

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in a couple's life, and the presence of children should not restrict their guests to enjoy the wedding. Wedding childcare with Seaside Nannies provides a safe and engaging environment for children to enjoy themselves while their parents enjoy the celebrations carefree.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can best support you on your big day use the 'contact us' page.

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